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Privacy Law Compliance Manual Order Form for printing & mailing

If you prefer, you may print the order form below and mail it with your credit card info, check, or money order.

Yes, send me the Privacy Law Compliance Manual - Priority Mail USPS Shipping . International orders add $9.00 for Global Priority Mail
Name: ______________________________________
Email: _____________________________________
Company (optional): ________________________
Address: ___________________________________
City: ______________________________________
State: ______________
Country: ____________
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Phone: (___) ____- ______
( ) I am enclosing a check or money order. Cashiers checks and Money Order sales are shipped immediately. Checks must clear both our banks before shipment. Allow 7-14 days. Please note, you may also order on line by check.

( ) I want to charge this purchase to my Credit Card.
Credit Card (check one):


Card Number: _________________________
Expir. Date: _______

Exact Name on Card______________________

Signature: _____________________________

I authorize Aaffordable Services, to charge for Priority Mail USPS Shipping to my credit card for the purchase and shipment of the Privacy Law Compliance Manual.